Software Engineer

Toronto, ON

At Nautical Commerce is looking for a Software Engineer to join our team in our Toronto office, working in a hybrid flex environment. This person is responsible for the end-to-end planning, building, and deploying of our software systems. They will be able to drive the programming of well-constructed, testable code.

The ideal candidate will have a broad technical background, a solid understanding of applicable analytics, and a natural curiosity for producing effective solutions, including working closely with the product team to understand the customer problem. This person is patient, has excellent time-management skills, and practices of effective communication style.

Nautical Commerce is a fast growing seed funded startup, this is an amazing opportunity for those looking to get exposure to all aspects of the business and build from 0 to 1. Every hire helps to add and modify our culture, we welcome everyone's perspective as we expand our team.

  • Design and develop –  Foster and engineer software solutions from conception to deployment. Evaluate customer requirements and determine existing product reach, potential restrictions, and future development feasibility. Work independently while testing all software in a fluid environment, facilitating verification and quality assurance throughout.
  • Coordinate and support – Maintain direct communication with the customer to understand needs throughout the software development lifecycle. Work with the engineering team to execute timely and cost-effective solutions. Provide on-going support and maintenance to the customer as needed.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience or skills
  • Two years of experience is required, we are open to mid to senior level positions
  • Knowledge of all engineering tools and applications and programming languages
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